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BitQuick is placed in the America and works since 2013, in that time it helped more than 72,000 shoppers sold over 55,000 Bitcoins. Clients can pay in the back, or use MoneyGram and Western Union. Remember that ACH transfers, Wire transfers, internet banking transfers, Well Fargo Sure Pay, check deposits, Bank of America transfers and any other unauthorized deposit techniques will not be accepted.

Bitquick takes the Bitcoin rate from Bitstamp, that promises that digital currency price cannot be manipulated by selling party.

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Is BitQuick Safe?

The big part of BitQuick users consider the place to be secure due to its safety specs. The BitQuick permits up to $250,000 in Bitcoin due to its included security specs. This platform has a multi-signature wallet method that promises the safety of deposits. Anyway, the place is considered to be less private when matched to other platforms like LocalBitcoins and wall of Coins.

BitQuick sellers have powerful privacy standards that are offered on the platform. Also, buyers must give photo ID in order to purchase Bitcoin on the Bitquick platform. Additional, the amount of Bitcoin accessible in escrow is generally displayed on the proof-of-reserve auditing system. This spec makes sure there is complete disclosure of all the transactions taking place on the platform.


Bitcoin transactions go pretty quick via BitQuick. Generally, it takes from one to three hours. As just one confirmation is needed by the online bitcoin exchange. Anyway, evidence of the payment should be provided within three hours to reject further fees.

Order done by a payment through cash transfer services can take up to twenty-four hours though.

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BitQuick offers a support for its clients using a comfort form only. Anyway, support team provides an answer quite fast, since most the transactions have specific time no longer than twenty-four hours. Some holdups may happen definitely.

Limits and Liquidity

Buyers on bitcoin exchange site like BitQuick can buy a range of amounts, as low as $10 if they please. Anyway, it all depends if there are sellers willing to sell the amount you want. The most a user can purchase at one time is $10,000 value of Bitcoin via BitQuick. Anyway, depending on the bank involved, there may be some restrictions on deposits. The BitQuick liquidity is very finest for a cash-only Bitcoin exchange, mainly since sellers and buyers can link across forty-nine states in the America.

Customer support

BitQuick offers 4 options for customer support that clients can use to make inquiries and share their ideas on how to better the platform. The 4 options that are accessible on the BitQuick site include:

  • Sending emails to the firm’s official email account.
  • The company’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  • Sending a message via a contact form
  • Writing as a snail-mail letter


BitQuick provides simple and quick service and this is what matters the most for most users. As we have already said, the focus of the BTC exchange is not the sophisticated expert traders, but rather retail customers who need to sell or buy some Bitcoins for some objective. You cna check othe bitcoin exchanges, which are available on our site.

The big inconvenience in this regard is that buyers have to physically make a cash deposit, instead of launching a wire transfer or paying with debit/credit card.

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