Top 5 best Cryptocurrency exchanges

The Cryptocurrency Exchange platform is basically a website wherein investors can buy, sell as well as exchange Digital currencies. The flocks aspiring for trading with digital coins, they will inevitably require an exchange that needs the investors to validate their identity and opening a trading account. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss about the most popular Crypto Exchange.


This exchanged is promoted and backed by a flock of experienced investors from round the globe and it is rated one of the most reliable and sought-after exchange for trading digital coins. The pros of this exchange include its formidable reputation, compliance to high security standard, beginner-friendly approach, and reasonable fees. In addition, your investment will be protected by a  comprehensive insurance cover. On the other hand, there are issues with the extent and quality of the customer support as well as restricted payment methods.


One of the most sought-after options from the list of the Bitcoin Exchange list, KRAKEN enjoys the trust and reliance of millions of investors. This exchange was founded in the year 2011 and as on date, it is the largest market place in Europe for trading bitcoins. The market enjoys the faith of the investors as investors can start investment with the minimum deposit and it promises a return of investment at fair rates. In addition, this exchange holds a good reputation to its name for offering delightful support to the traders. The downside of this exchange is its limited methods for payment.


Investors are offered a plethora of services to buy and sell Bitcoin and its website impresses the traders with its user-friendly interface. In addition, you will certainly feel nice about the extent and the quality of the support services that you will get. This exchange enjoys the trust of the investors, offering return at fair rates, and is supported globally, in addition to having lots of options in the cryptocurrency list. However, it would have been better if the verification process was not as lengthy.


This exchange allows the traders to deal with various forms of Digital currencies and it is the best option to those investors who aspires to get into trading directly, without opening a trading account. The exchange impresses the investors, offering them returns at high rates and flexible trading terms and conditions. The downside about this exchange is the limitations with the trading tools and payment methods.


Set up in the 2014, this exchange now stands as one of the largest marketplaces for dealing with digital coins. High-volume trading, low trading fees as well as user-friendly interface are the impressive features of this exchange. The con with this excnage lie with its customer support services.

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