Whaleclub Review

WhaleClub is a unique dealer which applies their own custom made CFD platform for trading. This type of dealer is very extraordinary because all account are worked in Dash or Bitcoin. Like most CFD brokers, they provide a big range of underlying assets to trade including famous Forex pairs, metals, commodities, individual stocks and market indexes.

When placing a trade, all amounts are present in BTC and you will be selling and buying based on the number of bitcoins per trade. This trading platform is perfect for someone who lives their life in Crypto Currency globe and does not think in terms of Euros or Dollars.

How it works

Signing up takes a few minutes with no need for confirmation. Once registered you deposit cash or bitcoin. There are credited quickly to your account. Trading jobs by opening positions using your digital currency. You can now sell and buy CFDs or trade forex.

WhaleClub exchange rates

WhaleClub features

  • Simple to use

Whaleclub bitcoin exchange lets you perform hard trading operations using an easy UI. You can fast check price charts or browse trading techniques from the main platform.

  • Transparent

Whaleclub uses the transparent technique for its price feeds. Users can also ask questions in the chat room of active trader, or contact the customer support team for more detail.

  • Bonuses

Earn cashback and deposit bonuses based on your trading activity.

Bonuses WhaleClub

  • Free account for practice

Enjoy danger-free, limitless demo trading that job like true trading – apart from with fantastic balance. You can move between true and demo trading from your dashboard.

  • Upfront risk management

Set take profits, prevent losses, an online bitcoin exchange, and trailing prevents that support reduces your exposure to risk.

  • Whaleclub security

The exchange keeps hundred percent of user finances in cold wallets, and the keys are saved in high safety places. The servers are forever run with the new program and with hard defense policies. Two-factor verification is accessible for all user IDs, and all talks between Whale Club and customers is encrypted.

Whaleclub Digital Currency Storage

  • Trading anonymously

A large, particularly of WhaleClub.co, is the chance to trade absolutely anonymously. You can register with an anonymous e-mail ID which you just use for the trading platform and you do not have to fill in any real personal data.

Whaleclub.co keeps it easy as it can be. There are no confirmation steps at all. As you register with a username, e-mail ID, and password you can begin trading with any amount you want.

WhaleClub exchange rates


Whaleclub is a bitcoin exchange site and remarkable forex dealer in the sense that it receives deposits just in bitcoins and does not have some of the needs of the more traditional forex dealers. It is also amazing that it does not get any charges and does not get commissions. Aside from not being managed, it also fairly worrying that Whaleclub uses blockchain for deals. Despite the claims that it is extremely safe technology, and totally legal, examples abuse and hacks of the structure like the Ethereum and thefts from big bitcoin exchanges like Gatecoin, are not strange. You can register on WhaleClub.co using our affiliate link.

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