Astronaut Capital

Astronaut Capital is a publicly available platform – the first of its kind – for asset management which combines the infrastructure and technological expertise of some of the industry’s leading Blockchain analysts. Making use of in-depth research and research analysts exclusively from Picolo Research to work on future investments, it aims to raise the standard when it comes to the level of analysis and transparency in the ICO market and verified altcoins and ICOs. If you are an inexperienced investor who is simply too busy to commit yourself to cryptocurrency, Astronaut Capital offers safe and high probability growth projects and also offers risk management services and the future chance of exiting when capital gain can be saved while markets are in an important and unpredictable state. Astronaut Capital aims to make use of only exchanges that can pass the Proof of Solvency test. Astronaut Capital will generate viewer access APIs to ensure that only the best degree of transparency regarding fund holdings, allocation, and present investments is provided.

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