Block View Capital

Block View Capital is a top-notch technology investment firm which makes use of a multi-strategy method – which combines short term trading strategies and long term investment strategies – in a bid to achieve its vision of introducing a special investment vehicle that identifies and invests in disruptive Blockchain protocols. Its investment strategies identifies unique projects that employ the use of real world applications, an active development team, strong essentials, and an addressable market.

It is focusing the assets under its management with over ten million dollars by actively managing a diversified portfolio of crypto assets as well as investing in some original Blockchain firms – it is said that it may also consider staking or mining cryptocurrencies.

Its founders, Cristian Tavarez, Markellos Venetos, and Ramsan Yonatham, are all recent graduates who have been involved in digital currencies since 2011 both as enthusiasts and traders. They trust in a Web 3.0 which is built on distributed and decentralized networks that have the potential to be as disruptive as the internet.

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