How to Analyze ICO’s, Explained?

Is it really important to compare ICOs?

ICO comparison is likely to benefit the investors as well as the party, offering the ICO. Different parties opt for such offer for different reasons. Comparing the ICOs an investor can evaluate if a product holds the potential for producing satisfactory returns.

 What are the steps to compare ICO?

The best way for comparing the ICOs will be to develop a specific rating system, based on the count and extent of the important indicators of the ICO success. This includes the team working on the project as well as information about the product and the approach of presenting the ICO to the market. For getting the necessary information regarding the presentation of the ICO, one should refer to the Whitepaper.

An overview of MVP

Minimum Viable Product, abbreviated as MVP happens to be a product, coming with the minimum set of attributes for satisfying the needs of the customers. It is basically a prototype of the actual product and it is used for generating feedback and incorporating changes to the product.

Is it necessary to be attentive to the Social media and listen to what the expert says?

As more and more ICOs keep coming up the market, it is definitely important to pay attention to the social media. This will enable you to find the reviews and rating of other investors and join the pool of investors from round the globe to exchange knowledge, thoughts and insights

Likewise, expert’s opinion should definitely be given the due importance as these experts will come up with a holistic picture about the trading conditions that will enable you to form the right strategies.

Analyzing the expert’s take, you will be able to form a precise opinion about the product, the team promoting a specific ICO and its business methodologies as well as evaluate the types and the extent of the risks involved with investment on the same product. Thus, lending your ears to the opinion of the experts, it will definitely turn easier for you to compare the pros and cons and thus, precisely compare between the available options.

Investors often wonder if it is possible to bring automation in the process to compare the ICOs. Cooperation between artificial intelligence and human will definitely make it possible to automate the evaluation of the project and this will surely add more dynamism to the process.

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